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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for an illustrator who can match the style and feel (pretty closely) of these types of images:


The individual that did these images has moved on to work on Magic the Gathering, so he's no longer able to work with us, sadly!

I would like, ideally, to find someone who I can work with regularly. I'm not looking for someone to be cheap, but I don't have $1000 per image either - I try to be fair to everyone who works with me.

I'm okay with a Matte Painter, providing the aliens don't prove too much of a problem for him/her.

Obviously, if you like Sci-Fi, that really helps! If I can find the right person, though, I'll be looking at working on numerous genres with them.

If you want to apply and don't have anything in your portfolio that reflects this style, I am going to have to ask for some sort of test image... fair warning.

If you're interested, please drop me an E-mail at

Please include an indication of your prices - bearing in mind the initial thing I'm looking for will have about 10 images in it, varying from 1/4 A4 page to an A3 wraparound cover... so it's a reasonable amount of work!
Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a colourist to work on top of this penciller's work:…

My budget is not huge, but it is for a 22 page comic, plus cover.

You will get full credit and, if the comic does well, more work as well.

Please contact me at if you are interested.

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for someone who knows their way around Photoshop and has good communications skills, along with a decent knowledge of colour theory to help make various small things.

The first thing is simply to help me make some statements that show up nicely on a white background - both striking and readable.

More info to come when I find someone.

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for several comics about a group of (eventually interlinked) superheroes to be illustrated.

This is an exciting project - 4 comics are going to be worked on, set in the same universe but following the story of four different superheroes (in the same way Marvel does, I guess?). I only have an artist for one of them so far.

EDIT: Style-wise, I'm looking for anything between Marvel's 1990's animated series style:… and sort of a manga/anime feel. Anywhere in that range I will happily talk to!

"Lobo" is a dark comic about a hero who opposes a Mexican drug cartel. The hero is not super powered, but the villain is and, as you might imagine the hero gets injured a lot. This one might be a bit like the darker periods of Batman, in a sense, if you want a rough feel.

"Unnamed" is an even darker comic! This person's power is to cause anyone in her vicinity to experience their worst nightmare, very physically and literally (if your worst nightmare was to have your heart plucked out, you would have that happen and then reappear with your heart still plucked out!). This, as a feel, is a bit like a Hulk comic, if you include the stuff going on inside the mind - this individual is trying to get clear of Humanity, but equally trying to find some sort of cure or method of control.

"Lacuna" is a comic which is about a more Daredevil type hero. It's slightly less dark than the other two, but the hero runs around beating violent criminals up with a pipe, so it's hardly shiny and happy!

Anyway, if any of these interest you, please contact me at with a price.

A few notes to help you with that E-mail:

- Each of these comics are 22 pages + Cover - a reasonable volume of work.

- You will have full credit as the artist for the comic (or the parts you do).

- I am willing to accept a cumulative offer between penciller, inker and colourist, but it almost never comes out as cheap as someone willing to do all three.

- I want you to commit to all 22 pages!

- I am happy to pay after delivery of small groups of pages (3-5), but not to pay deposits upfront.

- The timelines are not rushed... we want to get it right more than we want to get it fast - though, obviously, we'd like to get it done on a reasonable timescale!

- There is hopefully going to be more work upcoming for this - we're Doing a few one-shots with open ends, and are planning to continue each of these comic series.

- If you are willing to relax your upfront price in return for a (large) share of the Kickstarter profits, it's worth letting me know! It's not a requirement, but the offer can be on the table!

- If you're wanting to charge $100+ per page, I'm sorry, don't waste your time contacting me, I can't afford it.
Hi everyone!

I'm looking around for someone to lend a hand to me with writing a sequence of comics (initially 3) about a superhero!

It's set in a specific universe I've created and I have the story arc, but I'm looking for a little help on the carry-off, along with a fresh injection of ideas!

EDIT: It's set in the early 90's, so it would be good to have someone who was actually alive then... Also it's set in England, but I can manage the Anglicisation!

I'm not certain what other information might be required, so please feel free to send me any questions along with your initial contact.

Please E-mail me at if you are interested. Please include your price her page for COLLABORATIVE work, not for writing a comic solo.

EDIT: For some reason, people have been asking me if this is paid... yes, it's paid (it would be in the projects forum otherwise!). However, you won't be writing this alone, this will be a collaborative piece of work between you and I. Therefore, I won't be paying the same amount you might expect from a comic writing "alone" job - it won't be as much work. Consider that when sending your price!

Doing art worked well, didn't it? Best intentions in the world.

However, I have now reached the point where the picture I wasn't too embarrassed to put up before can go up today, in a few hours.

Check for more information from midday today, and I'll put my image up not too long after that...

Assuming I can scan it in well.

I really will this time, honestly! I've been busy with writing...


Ed Jowett
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Yeah, I'm really not the best artist in the world. I'm a scientist/writer running a small indie company writing a tabletop RPG rulebook for a sci-fi game of my own invention.

I've done a few drawings relating to the game, but little else in recent years. Once upon a time, I was ok at sketching... Honest.

That said, this project has really got me back into art in a big way after a 10 year break from anything serious. I'm going to be trying to improve, because I'd love to have some art which I'd created for this game.

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