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I'm looking for an artist to do a small series of comics (likely a trilogy).

It's a Sci-Fi comic, set in a universe where Humanity has left Earth behind and almost forgotten it. A group of time travellers return through time in order to reshape history because of a huge, mysterious threat in the future, even though they know this will mean they live out their lives in the past.

In terms of finish, I'm looking for colour, and am willing to split the money between a line/inker and colourist if I must.

In terms of style, I'm pretty open to pitches. Show me what you can do!

I'm also fairly flexible in terms of cost, so again, tell me what you can do.

I look forward to hearing from you all, you can contact me here or at

Hi everyone!

There's a new Sci-Fi RPG just started on Kickstarter here:…

It's pretty awesome (if I say so myself), so check it out if you like Sci-Fi and good art!

Hi everyone!

I am looking for an artist interested in working on a science fiction webcomic with me.

Please let me know what you would like as a weekly rate in your reply.

Drop me a note or send me an Email -
Good evening, everyone!

Now that my website has hit 300 visitors a week, I have been considering getting a webcomic going.

The idea would be to give the artist free reign to create a story of their own within my Science Fiction universe "The Consortium" (

The payment would be in advertising proceeds - the page will have adverts on it, and the proceeds of the adverts would go to the artist in question - the idea being the better work the artist did, the higher the proceeds.

I have no idea whether anyone would be interested in this opportunity (and I hope it doesn't violate the intended use of this forum... if it does, someone tell me and I'll withdraw the offer!)... but I figured I could post here first.

Drop me a note or an E-mail to if you are interested!

Hi everyone!

I am again in need of an artist for my tabletop roleplaying game, Era: The Consortium (

This time, I need a top-notch illustrator to produce a number of characters. The number is not entirely fixed, but I expect it to be around 10.

I am looking for something of this standard: eratheconsortium.shadesofvenge… (the images under STORY, in particular).

I have a reasonably flexible budget to make this, but I do need high quality images.

Concept images have already been made for these, so this job should just be a render of these Humans and aliens.

Drop me a message here or an E-mail to if you're interested!


Doing art worked well, didn't it? Best intentions in the world.

However, I have now reached the point where the picture I wasn't too embarrassed to put up before can go up today, in a few hours.

Check for more information from midday today, and I'll put my image up not too long after that...

Assuming I can scan it in well.

I really will this time, honestly! I've been busy with writing...


Ed Jowett
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Yeah, I'm really not the best artist in the world. I'm a scientist/writer running a small indie company writing a tabletop RPG rulebook for a sci-fi game of my own invention.

I've done a few drawings relating to the game, but little else in recent years. Once upon a time, I was ok at sketching... Honest.

That said, this project has really got me back into art in a big way after a 10 year break from anything serious. I'm going to be trying to improve, because I'd love to have some art which I'd created for this game.

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