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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for an illustrator for a new Roleplaying game I am producing.

Specifically, I'm looking for a book cover, front and back.

I'm looking for something along these lines, but with a sci-fi twist as well as a fantasy feel:…

If you're interested, please drop me an E-mail at, and include your price.
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a colourist who can take a pencilled and inked comic and... well... make it colour!

At minimum, I'll need the title page done, but I'm hoping that all 21 pages will be in colour.

Drop me an E-mail at if you are interested.
So... Anyone else ever run a Kickstarter and then posted it on Reddit, or forums, or whatever?

Time for my rant.

Mine is coming to an end now (…, and the overwhelming response I get to this project, which I have spent a fairly large amount of money on - about half my paycheck for the last 2 years - the current funding level is less than 1/6 of what I spent to make this project happen and I have struggled to get this much - is one of two things:

1. Come back when you're a successful game creator with a bunch of games under your belt, because we don't trust someone making their first game enough to spend money on it - you could easily take the money and run.

So, I thought I'd mitigated this one (at least a little) by having the book basically finished, a clearly professional video, photos of the printed book and so on. Nope. It seems the expectation is that backers will both have heard of your before and you'll be a successful company that doesn't... need... crowdfunding. Unless you're Wizards of the Coast or Pathfinder... bye bye.

... Is that utterly ludicrous, or is it just me? It's impossible to have a successful Kickstarter in these peoples' eyes unless you're someone who doesn't need one and is just trying to take their money!

2. Eh, it's nice, but the funding goal is too low for you to produce this, so you'll be stealing our money and running.

... Seriously. You include a photo of a finished book, you say you're just doing proofreading... what the hell more can you even do?

So yeah. Crowdfunding really sucks because unless you don't need it, people don't want to pledge. Kickstarter can't do anything about that, the new security precautions they have put in place are seen as a complete joke.

All you can do is brave it out for several Kickstarters, spend your own money (thankfully I earn enough to do this slowly) and actually deliver on something that's a tiny budget and try to build faith.

And no, I don't expect anything to change.
Hi everyone,

I did post this before (no, you're not having deja vu!), but I wasn't able to make a final deal with any of the guys I was really interested in.

This is a commission for (hopefully 3, maybe even more if things go really well!) short comics. They are set over a long period of time, focusing on three specific time periods, all of which are in the future from now.

I am fairly open to various sorts of style - although I tend to head for less animé styles personally, I have been talked around before.

I am looking for a penciller and an inker, possibly a colourist as well if the combined price is not too high. My budget is not huge, I don't represent a massive company, so please bear that in mind - this is an indie comic that you will have your name on. The actual number per page is quite negotiable, though, within my means. I am looking for someone who is good, and will represent this world in a way that I will be proud of in 5 years time.

The Sci-Fi environments of this world are thoroughly portrayed in images created for my tabletop RPG:… - so there should be very little "design" work to do (watch the video if you want to see some examples of images - there are many more than are displayed here.)

The first issue is set not long after the crash of the colony ship - 5 individuals travel back through time and land there. This is an intrigue story, not a lot of action, so we're definitely looking for someone who can do expressions well. That said, there is some action, so I need someone who can do action as well!

The second issue is set around a young woman who is put in power over the largest corporation in the Consortium. She watches a long video, and there are some flashbacks around what happens. Again, emotion is key, and there is some action.

The third issue is still being written, but it is based around the time travellers in (future) High School, what shaped them and made them become time travellers... or possibly not become time travellers.

To clarify - all of this takes place in Earth's future. The first issue will look a lot like Earth does now, with a few differences - they have small spacecraft in the air as well as wheeled vehicles, that sort of thing. The second issue will be in the future. Most of it will take place on an alien planet or behind a desk in a single office. The third issue is still quite up in the air, but is based even further in the future, you will probably find that it is the most futuristic of them in general background.

I am happy to hire one person for all three of these issues if they are the right guy for the job! If things go well enough, who knows, maybe we can even continue further?

Please send me an E-mail at if you're interested, or a note here. Please include your rate per page, and how willing you are to negotiate.

Apologies for forcing you to wade through that information!

Hi everyone!

I currently have a character sheet I'm happy with for my game...

However, it needs some updating for a new game I've created. It's broadly the same, but it need a new design principle for the backgrounds and such (the new game is a Superhero game, the previous was Science Fiction).

EDIT: By Character Sheet, I'm referring to this: eratheconsortium.shadesofvenge… - which is why I asked for a graphic designer. I keep forgetting that character sheet means something different to artists!

I'm looking for someone to give me a hand with the updating!

Drop me an E-mail at or a note here if you are interested - please don't forget to include your price!


Doing art worked well, didn't it? Best intentions in the world.

However, I have now reached the point where the picture I wasn't too embarrassed to put up before can go up today, in a few hours.

Check for more information from midday today, and I'll put my image up not too long after that...

Assuming I can scan it in well.

I really will this time, honestly! I've been busy with writing...


Ed Jowett
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Yeah, I'm really not the best artist in the world. I'm a scientist/writer running a small indie company writing a tabletop RPG rulebook for a sci-fi game of my own invention.

I've done a few drawings relating to the game, but little else in recent years. Once upon a time, I was ok at sketching... Honest.

That said, this project has really got me back into art in a big way after a 10 year break from anything serious. I'm going to be trying to improve, because I'd love to have some art which I'd created for this game.

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